What is Crowd Money?

Crowd Money is a new newsletter and podcast exploring real-money prediction markets. Every month, Andrew and Clay of Global Guessing will take the Crowd on a tour through the world of prediction markets and interview key players in the space.

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Who’s covering the Crowd?

Andrew Eaddy (@AndrewJEaddy)

Born and raised in New York City, Andrew graduated from Haverford College in Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Political Science and Arabic. There, he wrote his senior thesis on the use of cryptocurrencies by terrorist organizations. He now works in New York where he is an investment banking Associate specializing in the technology and media transactions. He is also a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association in NYC. Andrew has a vested interest in alternative investment ideas, and is currently focused on crypto, clean energy (uranium), and sports cards.

Clay Graubard (@ClayGraubard)

Clay majored in Economics and International Relations (IR) at the University of Pennsylvania, and is pursuing a Masters in IR at Oxford. He previously worked at an EdTech startup as a business development associate and at a New York hedge fund examining cryptocurrencies.

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About the Company

Crowd Money is written by Global Guessing, both of which are owned under baserate.io Incorporated.


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