Forecasting resources and a prediction market or two to trade on.

December 2021

Looking back at the key developments and notable markets of 2021, and the big trends into 2022.
CMC 004 - John Phillips, PredictIt Co-Founder and CEOThe origins of the platform, CFTC regulation, media coverage of prediction markets, and more.

November 2021

Plus a useful tool for every prediction market trader, and the sketches of a Superforecaster aggregator.
CMC 003 - Hedgehog Markets Founder, George YuPlus we cover the largest prediction market news from October, featuring Polymarket, Reddit, Axios + PredictIt, and Kalshi.

October 2021

The CFTC goes after Polymarket, while we introduce the Crowd to prediction market incentives and subsidies.
CMC 002 - Jason Trost, Smarkets Founder and CEOPrediction Market Fragmentation & Consolidation, Smarkets CEO Interview, and Is Prediction Market the Right Term?

September 2021

Low Liquidity Woes; Reality Cards CEO Interview; and Policy as Avenues for Prediction Market Growth.
Crowd Money Cast 001 - Tarek Mansour and Luana Lopes Lara (Kalshi)Prediction Markets First Impressions, Kalshi Co-Founders Interview, and More.

August 2021

The long-tail potential of prediction markets to become a cornerstone of the internet is incredibly significant.

July 2021

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