The CFTC goes after Polymarket, while we introduce the Crowd to prediction market incentives and subsidies.
Looking back at the key developments and notable markets of 2021, and the big trends into 2022.
Plus a useful tool for every prediction market trader, and the sketches of a Superforecaster aggregator.
The long-tail potential of prediction markets to become a cornerstone of the internet is incredibly significant.
CMC 003 - Hedgehog Markets Founder, George YuPlus we cover the largest prediction market news from October, featuring Polymarket, Reddit, Axios + PredictIt, and Kalshi.
Crowd Money Cast 001 - Tarek Mansour and Luana Lopes Lara (Kalshi)Prediction Markets First Impressions, Kalshi Co-Founders Interview, and More.
Low Liquidity Woes; Reality Cards CEO Interview; and Policy as Avenues for Prediction Market Growth.
CMC 002 - Jason Trost, Smarkets Founder and CEOPrediction Market Fragmentation & Consolidation, Smarkets CEO Interview, and Is Prediction Market the Right Term?
Forecasting resources and a prediction market or two to trade on.
CMC 004 - John Phillips, PredictIt Co-Founder and CEOThe origins of the platform, CFTC regulation, media coverage of prediction markets, and more.