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Crowd Money is a new newsletter and podcast exploring real-money prediction markets. Get insights, trades, and new ideas, while hearing from top-market traders about their advice and the hottest plays they’ve made 🔥

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Crowd Money

💰 Welcome to Crowd Money, a new real-money prediction market newsletter and podcast from Global Guessing. Every month, Andrew and Clay of Global Guessing will take the Crowd on a tour through the world of prediction markets such as PredictIt, Polymarket, and Kalshi.

In your inbox or podcast platform of choice, you’ll get insights into new markets and strategies, explore new ideas about information markets, dive into exciting trades, and hear from top-market traders about their advice, philosophy, and hottest plays.

To top it off, we’ll be making trades of our own as we march towards triple-digit returns 🚀🚀🚀. In every issue, you’ll hear about our progress and the lessons we’ve learned. Members of the Crowd can submit their own plays from sanctioned markets to be featured.

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June housing sales ended at 676,000. May was revised 769K -> 729K. Andrew bought No on 750K @Kalshi. That's some 💰 Source:…

Andrew Eaddy اندرو @AndrewJEaddy

New residential home sales only have to fall 2.53% from the last month to have this market resolve no, and housing prices have been rising MoM. Last month they dropped 6% and before that 8%. Am I missing something? #Kalshi #predictions #housing #predictionmarkets #forecasting

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