Dec 10, 2021 • 34M

CMC 004 - John Phillips, PredictIt Co-Founder and CEO

The origins of the platform, CFTC regulation, media coverage of prediction markets, and more.

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Welcome back to the Crowd Money Cast, the podcast about real-money prediction markets. In this month’s episode we are joined John Phillips, the co-founder and CEO of PredictIt—a politics prediction market based out of Victoria University in New Zealand. PredictIt’s markets cover a wide range of political events and have been featured in mainstream news outlets such as CNBC and Axios. And the platform has attracted a large and engaged community.

In our interview with John, we talked about the origins of the company, how the media should use information from prediction markets and how campaigns currently are, his perspective on CFTC regulation and the No Action limits placed on platform, and ultimately where he sees the space—and PredictIt within it—heading.

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